Learn with fun Science (VCD)

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Learn with fun Science (VCD)
Unit-1: adaptation in plants, land plants, preparation of food by plants, leaves contain starch Unit-2: adaption of animals to the habitat, adaption for food, adaption for protection, reproduction in animals Unit-3: proteins to grow, carbohydrates for quick energy, fats, vitamins & minerals, cooking food, digestion of food Unit-4: safety at home, safety at school, safety on the road, clothes Unit-5: what causes the wind to blow?, What causes the land & sea breeze?, What causes clouds & rain?, The earth's water Unit-6: the stars & the sun, the solar system, the rotation of the earth, the revolution of the earth, Unit-7: matter, states of matter, change of state, solutions Unit-8: force & kinds of forces, work, energy, sources of energy