maths word problem (dvd video  age 7 - 10)

Maths Word Problem (DVD Video )

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  • Description
  • Maths Word Problems
  • Boost maths skills and test scores!
  • Turns Your DVD Player into Learning Tools for Children
  • This DVD helps students learn test strategies and review maths concept for 3rd and 4th Standard.
  • Little Learners helps students boost maths skills and score high on tests. Students learn how to read word problems carefully, identify relevant information, use pictures and diagrams, and look for pattern. Clear explanation and outrageous humour makes this DVD fun and effective.
  • Little learners takes viewers step-by-step through solving 40 math problems. The tips provided about erasing completely and having a good breakfast are solid, as are the specific math strategies like looking for patterns and drawing picture to solve problems
  • Math Word Problems DVD gives students valuable practice with problems involving:
    1. Graphs, Charts, Number Lines, And Coordinates.
    2. Making A Diagram, List, Table Or Chart To Solve A Math Problem
    3. Multiplication, Division And Other Operations
    4. Counting Money And Making Change
    5. Time Passage And Clocks
    6. Congruent Shapes
    7. Estimating And Identifying Fractions
    8. Units Of Measurement
    9. Temperature
    10. Patterns
    11. Number Sentences And Fact Families
    12. Understanding Place Value
    13. Line Of Symmetry
    14. Multi-step Problems
    15. Estimation
    16. Simple Geometry, Area, And Perimeter
    17. Simple Probability
  • Ages Range from 7 to 10 years
  • Format: DVD Video
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