6th physics-cbse

6th Physics-CBSE

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Pebbles presents “CBSE 6th Std Physics”, an audio visual educational help tool to the students to understand 
the complex subject matter easily. The CD limelights spectacular animations on various experiments and 
Physical concepts covering multifaceted aspects of the latest educational trends backed by commanding 
voice over by media professionals. The animated experiments have an intrinsic approach captivating the 
young minds effortlessly. A must on hand for the young and aspiring students, the CD covers the following: 

Describing Motion - Electrical Current, Rest and motion, Types of motion, Translatory motion, 
Rotatory motion, Oscillatory motion, Periodic Motion, Non Periodic Motion, Repetitive Motion, 
Measurements, Standard unit, Accuracy, Multiple and Sub Multiple unit, Measurement of Length, 
Measuring Thickness, Proper use of instruments, Measurement of Length using measuring tape 

Electrical Current
- Like and unlike charges, Charged Body, Electric Current, Conventional Current, 
Quantity of electricity, brightness of Cell, Sources of Electric Current, Difference Between primary & 
Secondary Cells, Bigger Sources, Electric Energy, Cell Advantages and Disadvantages, 
Multiple and Sub Multiple unit, Dry Cell connection, Conductor and Insulator, Element of an 
electric circuit, Open and Close Circuit,Symbol of Circuit elements, Circuit Diagram, Electric Torch
Magnets - What are Magnets, Natural and Artificial Magnets, Magnetic and Non Magnetic Substance, 
Parts of Bar magnet, Properties of Magnet, Directional Property, Pole attraction and Repulsion, 
magnetic of Poles, magnetic Induction, Making a Magnet, Single Touch Method, Electrical Method, Magnetic Compass 

Wonders of Light - Sources of Light, Natural Sources of Light, Man made Or Artificial Sources of Light,
Luminous and Non Luminous Body, Transparent, Translucent & Opaque bodies, Rect. Linear Propagating
Of light, Pinhole camera, Light Rays, Shadows, Shadow Region, Eclipses, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse