CBSE Class 6 Mathematics (1 CD Pack)

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Mathematics requires a lot of practice along with a through understanding of basic concepts. Edurite’s CD’s keep this in mind and offer detailed step-by step explanations for each problem and also detailed chapters covering the entire class 6th Mathematics syllabus. In fact our CD’s are just like having a teacher teaching you in the classroom with the added advantage of interactive features like animations, graphics and voice overs.

List of chapters covered in our Mathematics CD:

  1. Knowing our Numbers
  2. Whole Numbers
  3. Playing with Numbers
  4. Basic Geometrical Ideas
  5. Understanding Elementary Shapes
  6. Integers
  7. Fractions
  8. Decimals
  9. Data Handling
  10. Mensuration
  11. Algebra
  12. Ratio and Proportion
  13. Symmetry
  14. Practical Geometry

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