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    learnnext cbse vi maths [6 months]

    LearnNext CBSE VI Maths [6 Months]

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    • Description
    Subscription for this package is valid for six months from the time of activation.

    LearnNext software is designed as per the guidelines of NCERT. With the help of Subject Matter Experts, Instruction Designers & Online Tutors and path-breaking technology, we have developed an all-inclusive knowledge repository of CBSE syllabus.

    Chapters included in this package:
    • Knowing Our Numbers
    • Whole Numbers
    • Playing with Numbers
    • Basic Geometrical Ideas
    • Understanding Elementary Shapes
    • Integers
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
    • Data Handling
    • Mensuration
    • Algebra
    • Ratios and Proportions
    • Symmetry
    • Practical Geometry
    LearnNext course subscriptions include a diverse set of visual tools and activities on each Lesson with Examples, Experiments, Summary and Exercises. Master your entire syllabus and get exam-ready with our Multimedia-simulated, interactive and inspiring lessons for better understanding of the subject and higher scores in exams.

    Learn and understand the concepts effectively, clear the doubts with ease and score higher in exams. These multimedia lessons are marked with conceptual clarity, resourceful knowledge and practical effectiveness.

    Benefit from the visually rich examples used to illustrate the concepts for easier and faster learning. Experience a real-time classroom explanation of examples with special attention to the memory techniques.

    Acquire deeper knowledge of the subject through our practical experiments. Our Experiments are conducted on an innovative visual medium which can be simulated by changing various parameters and specifications.

    Put all your learning into practice to determine the understanding of lessons. Get step-by step solution to every exercise with an option to revise and review your understanding of the chapter.

    Summary is the gist of each lesson and chapter in an easy-to-remember format for revising and reinforcing your learning. It's a great feature to revise all the important concepts before exams.

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