CBSE Class 7 Science (1 CD Pack)

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Class 7th Science is crucial to understanding Science in later years. To make middle school Science interesting it is important to employ interactive tools like animations, voiceovers and diagrams. 
Edurite’s CD’s have been developed keeping the requirements of the CBSE curriculum in mind. These CD’s include:

  1. Detailed chapter wise coverage similar to what is offered in the text book
  2. Interactive animations and diagrams to make chapters more interesting.
  3. Extensive Glossary of terms used.

List of chapters covered in our Science CD:

  1. Nutrition in Plants
  2. Nutrition in Animals
  3. Fibre to Fabric
  4. Heat
  5. Acids, Bases and Salts
  6. Physical and Chemical Changes
  7. Weather and Climate
  8. Soil
  9. Respiration in Organisms
  10. Transportation in Plants and Animals
  11. Reproduction in Plants
  12. Motion and Time
  13. Electric Current and Its Effects
  14. Light
  15. Natural Resources- Water and Forest

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