7th physics-cbse

7th Physics-CBSE

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Pebbles presents “CBSE 7th Std Physics”, an audio visual educational help tool to the students to understand the complex subject matter easily. The DVD limelights spectacular animations on various experiments and Physical concepts covering multifaceted aspects of the latest educational trends backed by commanding voice over by media professionals. The animated experiments have an intrinsic approach captivating the young minds effortlessly. A must on hand for the young and aspiring students, the DVD covers the following:

How Things Move - Measurement of Time, Measuring Time, Reading a twenty four Hour Clock, Rest and Motion, Kinds of motion, Hydrometer, Uniform And Non Uniform Motion, Speed Quantity, Uniform Speed, Density, Variable Speed, Scalar Quantity, velocity,Variable Velocity, Volume of irregular Solids, Determination of Density of Solids (Example)

Electrical Current - Atmospheric electricity, Lightning, can be dangerous, The lightning conductor, Flow of Current, Electric Current, Electrical Resistance, Electric Energy, Circuits, Closed and Open Circuit, Switch, Electric Fuse Element of an electric circuit, Reason of melting of wire, Electric Symbols, Circuit Diagram, Ammeter, Energy Change, Placing of the ammeter in the circuit, Insulator and Conductor, Purpose of electricity, Heating effect of electric current, Magnetic field & Magnetic line of Forces, Magnetic field around a bar magnet, Properties of Magnetic line of Forces, Electromagnetism, Maxwell Cork Screw, Magnetic field around a bar magnet, Properties of Magnetic line of Forces, Magnetic field around a straight Conductor, Right hand thumb rule, Magnetic lines, Magnetic field due to Current, Uses of electromagnets, The electric bell, Working of electric bell

Magnets - What are Magnets, Natural and Artificial Magnets, Magnetic and Non Magnetic Substance, Parts Of Bar magnet , Properties of Magnet, Directional Property, Pole attraction & Repulsion, Magnetic of Poles, Magnetic Induction, Making a Magnet, Single Touch Method, Electrical Method, Magnetic Compass

Light - Rectilinear Propagation of light, Rectilinear Experiment, Reflection of Light, Regular & Irregular Reflection, Real and virtual, Mirror, Spherical Mirror, Pole, Focal Length, Formation of the images with convex mirror, Lenses, Convex lenses, Concave Lenses, Newtons Color Disc