8th maths

8th Maths

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Pebbles presents “8th Maths”, developed in accordance with the guidelines of Tamilnadu Matriculation Board curriculum and lays an excellent foundation in the fundamentals of Mathematics. The CD has been designed keeping the student in mind and is an important aid in the teaching /learning process. Concepts have been clearly explained using illustrations wherever appropriate. The syllabus is covered in a systematic manner and all the concepts are backed by worked out examples and exercise sums of graded levels of difficulty. 

The CD also covers many of the important formulae, diagrams,Theorems and illustrations which are learnt during the course of the academic session. 

 1.Whole Numbers and Their Basic Properties 
 2.Decimals, Whole Numbers, and Exponents 
 4.Figures and polygons
 5.Area and perimeter
 6.Coordinates and similar figures 
 7.Space figures and basic solids 
 8.Ratio and Proportion 
 9.Percent and Probability 
 11.Metric units and Measurement 
 12.Introduction to Algebra 
 13.Positive and negative numbers
 14.Consumer Arithmetic
 The content development is done by the experts in the field. Multiple Choice test is provided for each chapter, which keeps track of the progress with instant results.The interface of the CD is simple and easy to use.