8th physics-cbse

8th Physics-CBSE

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Pebbles presents “CBSE 8th Std Physics”, an audio visual educational help tool to the students to understand the complex subject matter easily. The DVD limelights spectacular animations on various experiments and Physical Concepts covering multifaceted aspects of the latest educational trends backed by commanding voice over by media professionals. The animated experiments have an intrinsic approach captivating the young minds effortlessly. A must on hand for the young and aspiring students, the DVD covers the following: 

Force and Pressure 
Force Due to Interaction Exploring Forces, Contact Forces A Force Can Change This State Of Motion Results of Applying Force Friction, Non-Contact Forces Electrostatic & Gravitational Force, Measurements, Atmospheric Pressure Pressure Exerted by Liquids and Gases

Factors affecting Friction Increasing and Reducing Friction Friction a Necessary Factor Conventional Current Wheels Reduce Friction 

Sound Produced By a Vibrating Body Propagation of Sound Through Liquids Kinds of Musical Instruments Sound Produced By Humans Sound Can travel Through Solids also Sound Through Our Ears Definition Frequency and Amplitude Loudness and Pitch, Noise and Music Audible and Inaudible Sound Noise Pollution and Its Control Harms of Noise Pollution Measure to Limit Noise Pollution 

Light and Electric Current
Laws of Refraction, Conducting Electricity Regular and Diffused Reflection Multiple Images, Dispersion of light The Human Eye, The Defects of the Eye Refraction of Light, Braille System Electric Current, Liquids Conduct Electricity Chemical Effect of Electric Current Acids, Bases and Salt, Electrolytic Refining

Solar system 
The moon, The phase of the moon New Moon day, Moon's Surface, The Stars Pole Star, Constellations, Orion, Cassiopeia The Solar System, Mercury Venus, The Earth Mars, Saturn Uranus and Neptune Asteroids Comets Meteors and Meteorites Meteor Showers Artificial Satellites